Index Architecture
at Museo Jumex, Mexico City
February 4 – 7, 2016

Thursday February 4, 2016 7pm – 10pm

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Friday and Saturday 11am – 8pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

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Museo Jumex
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303
Col. Granada, Ciudad de México, D.F.
Museo Jumex

presented by Arca
Sunday February 7, 4-6pm
Discussing current experimental and conceptual approaches to publishing and architecture, with Giovanni Piovene (San Rocco); Carlo Menon (Accattone) & Frida Escobedo.
Moderation: Erica Overmeer (NL)
Accattone, is a new and independent editorial project based in Brussels concerned with documents in architecture. Different kinds of information, drawings, images, texts, are dealt with on the same level of importance, and considered part of a creative process that finally results in a magazine.

Frida Escobedo is a Mexican architect working in Mexico City, using publications as a conceptual tool of communication in her practice.
San Rocco is an independent Italian magazine on architecture. Its content is collected through open calls, specified by challenging and intriguing statements of the editors. The predetermined and wildly diverse themes of each issue often seems only remotely related to architecture, redefining boundaries of the architectural field and its conventional modes communication.

Moderation by Erica Overmeer

With publications and contributions by
AA / Bedford Press, Åbäke, Apartamento, Ballard, Barrada, Baukuh, Bo Bardi, Boom, Boffil, Brandlhuber, Burckhardt, Clog, Colomina, Constant, Cruzvillegas, Debord, Diener, Fujimoto, Friedman, Gamper, Graham, Jacobs, Koolhaas, Lefebrve, Mari, Munari, Oase, Obrist, Price, Rotor, Scheerbart, Suzuki, Urban Think Tank, Wolfe, Lacaton Vassal, Rossi, Sant’Elia, Scott Brown, Smitshson, Smithsons, Tiravanija, Venturi, Wei Wei.

List of Publishers
Accattone, BE

Columbia GSAPP Books on Architecture, US
Koenig Books, DE
Lars Müller Publishers, CH
O Book Publisher, NL
Other Forms, US
San Rocco, IT
Scapegoat, CA
Sternberg Press, DE
The Name Books, CH
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Index Architecture
Index Art Book Fair
    I. about
    Index Architecture is an independent and interdisciplinary research project concerned with the intersection between publication and architecture. Index Architecture explores how these two practices inform each other through the simple question ‘how do architects use the book?’ Using different formats for its activities Index Architecture aims to collaborate with relevant international institutions and individuals in the field of art, architecture, design and publishing.

    II. fair
    Index Architecture debuted as part of the second edition of Index Art Book Fair, in Museo Jumex, Mexico City, February, 2016. Alongside a curated selection of publishers addressing the current state of architectural publishing, Index Architecture hosted a panel with the Italian architecture magazine San Rocco, the Belgian editorial project Accattone and the Mexican architect Frida Escobedo, discussing conceptual and experimental approaches in publishing in architecture. As part of the Index Architecture / Index Art Book Fair program, Index Architecture also presented a selection of publications highlighting seminal and state-of-the-art publishing in architecture today.
    04 – 07.02.2016
Index Art Book Fair presents
Index Architecture at Museo Jumex,
Mexico City, Mexico

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October 2016


Accattone #4

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Accattone, BE
Books People Places, DE
Columbia GSAPP Books on Architecture, US
Koenig Books, DE
Lars Müller
Publishers, CH

O Book Publisher, NL

Other Forms, US
San Rocco, IT
Scapegoat, US
Sternberg Press, DE
The Name Books, CH

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Affiliated with the Index Art Book Fair, Index Architecture is initiated by Tania Garduño Israde and Erica Overmeer.

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